Top Four Benefits of Using a Unique IP

Top Four Benefits of Using a Unique IP

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According to web hosting diction an IP address is a set of numbers used to identify and/or locate a web server. Usually all the websites hosted on a single machine use the same IP address. However you can have a unique one for your website by paying some extra money to your web hosting company. Using a unique IP has many advantages and that is why this concept is gaining popularity among webmasters. In this article we will have a closer look at some benefits of dedicated IP hosting.

– To avoid serious problems a webmaster must test his or her website and eradicate all bugs and glitches before launching it. A dedicated IP makes this process easier by allowing access to the web server without a domain name. This is one of the biggest advantages of using a dedicated IP address.

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– If you want to join a reseller program and start your own hosting company then you might want to set up custom nameservers. Doing this will make sure that your customers never find out the nature of your business. However, creating nameservers is not possible without two unused dedicated IP addresses.

– Dedicated IP addresses can help your SEO efforts too. If you want to interlink your sites then each website should have a unique IP. Otherwise Google may ban your whole network. Also, if you share an IP address with hundreds of other sites and anyone of those sites gets banned then your website will also feel its impact. Many SEO experts claim that dedicated IP address is a must for good search engine rank.

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– A dedicated IP address is extremely important for online merchants because it enables them to accept direct credit card payments instead of using third-party solutions like the ones provided by Paypal, MoneyBookers and Google Checkout. Accepting payments through this route is not only simpler for the customers but also more profitable for the seller.

Whether you want to achieve better search engine rank for your content based site or more customers for your online store, a dedicated IP address can help you achieve your targets.

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