The Best 3 Web Hosting Companies

The Best 3 Web Hosting Companies

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Web presence is very important in every business today, irrespective of the sector it is in and its size. This can only be acquired through employing a web hosting company’s service. There will be no sense in putting up a website if it will not be viewed by anyone online. It is not only the efforts that will be wasted but your opportunity to make sales as well. There are many enterprises that offer such service. Different approaches are being used in order to attract clients but below are top three firms that millions of users in the US have trusted.

First is InMotion Hosting. It is capable of providing an excellent service with its wide range of options that it offers to customers. For one, it has a separate set for small and large businesses. This is important as each has different needs to address. Also, unlike others, this firm guarantees exceptional service as it does not use incompatible server parts. In one of their packages, you can even gain access to your control panel without asking you a single dollar at all.

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It will give you the freedom to verify each of their testing plans so that you can sure that you will have the best deal. In addition, they offer various coupons so that you can save more money on your purchases. Their being customer-oriented is what makes them as one of the bests.

On the other hand, FatCow is the web hosting firm that guarantees 100% uptime 24 hours a day. This is applicable for etailers or retailers who sell their products online as they can make sure that their own customers will be able to view the new products all the time. It is one of the ways in which they can keep their sales coming. FatCow can also cater to personal and other business’s sites.

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Web hosting will be surely easier as it promises little percentage of downtime so the clients can ensure that the connection is secure. Aside from the 24/7 customer support through email, phone and live chat, there are other available means of support where you can find all the answers you are looking for. There are forums where you can mingle with other users and online tutorials which will keep you updated.

Lastly, there is Lunarpages. It boasts of 1500GB of disk space and 15000GB of bandwidth. It has a lot of “unlimited” offers such as sub and parked domains, FTP accounts, SQL databases, email accounts and more. It allows you to add up as much as 10 full domains. The control panel of this firm can also be personalized. It has file manager, domain, and email configuration plus the statistics that determines the generated traffic of your domain.

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In addition, it offers a plan that will allow you to host unlimited full and sub-domains within the same account. This means that you do not have to pay for two; hence, allowing you to save more. There are other features in this particular plan that even a most demanding client could approve of. The connection is secure as it does not have recurrent downtime. The above three web hosting firms are undoubtedly the cream of the crop.

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