A Good Web Host

A Good Web Host

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Usually when someone contacts me online, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is this: “How do I find a good web host?” or “Which web host do you use?” This is one of those essential things you will need in order to earn that online income.

You will need a web site and you will need a web host; somewhere to place that web site. Sure there are countless marketers who work without a site but most have at least one main site which acts as their online calling card; where people can find them on the web. Of course, you can always use the social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter… but that’s like operating your office out of Starbucks! Instead, a well designed site is just more professional and business like. It also means you’re serious about your online business.

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Picking a good web host is not easy. I have had numerous different web hosts over the years. Most of them have been very good and served their purpose, but I have had some bad experiences too – what long term webmaster or marketer hasn’t? Something always goes wrong eventually, especially if you have a lot of sites and many different web hosts.

If you have a site, I every time propose you back up your site files and make it redundant. The really worst can occur to you. Overall quality and fine 24/7 support should be your first objectives in choosing a fine web host. You want a site that’s fast, simple to use, rarely down and has fine support that you can reach at all times, should something go wrong.

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You need to check exactly what features your web host is offering and for what price: – How much storage space? – Daily traffic limit or transfer? – Email system? How many accounts… – What type of server Linux or Windows? – How many other sites will be sharing your IP address? – Do You need SSL or a secure site? – Are sites/files backed up? How often? – What are the support hours? – And of course the Price?

But don’t every time attempt to get the cheapest fee hosting, sustain in mind, you every time get what you pay for. A low-priced web host won’t save you cash whether it’s a poor service and your site is every time going down. So don’t every time pick the cheapest web host.

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