The Pros & Cons of Free Web Hosting Provider

The Pros & Cons of Free Web Hosting Provider photo 0 All

by Dhruv Patel

Internet is growing very fast. In developing countries, many people have now started using internet. If you want go global with your business or with your hobby, you need web site. To make web site, you will need web space. This web space is provided by hosting service providers. Some hosting provider gives hosting service free of charge. This article has full information about free hosting account.

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Free web hosting, as the name suggests give hosting service at no cost. There are many problems with free hosting service. The first problem is of domain names. You will have to select your URL in form of sub domain because free hosting providers don’t allow to host your own domain. Since it’s sub domain, you will have two dots(.) in the URL. For example, Sub domains are hard to read by humans.

Free hosting providers put advertising on the hosted web site. This way they generate money to support their hardware and expenses of hosting service. If visitors see the ads which are not related to web site content, then they don’t trust on your writing. When visitors become unhappy, you lose your business.

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When somebody visits your web site, some data transfer happens. In free web hosting service, you are given limited data transfer limit. When you reach your bandwidth limit, you account is suspended. Anybody visiting your web site will see only error and not your web site.

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Free hosting has many technical limitations. With free hosting you only get FTP account. You are allowed to only transfer files through file transfer protocol. You don’t get SSH or SCP access. Also there is no PHP or database (MySQL) support. So your site becomes only static HTML pages.

Account cancellation is the biggest issue with free web hosting account. You give time and efforts to make and promote the website. It’s really very bad if your account gets banned. You won’t get any benefits from your web site.

Free web hosting is not recommended for business purpose. Shared web hosting is available at very cheap rate. I recommend shared web hosting to host any web site.

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