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Web Hosting

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The “Next Frontier” for astronauts and astronomers might be outer space, but for businessmen, it’s the World Wide Web. Already, the Internet has turned nobodies into billionaires, creating a whole new aristocracy in the earth – one that could be made up of anybody, regardless of race, gender, heritage, or even age. Indeed, this is the best period for people to earn money. In fact, these days are exactly like the bygone days where the pioneers settled and explored the rich new land. Only, this time, it’s not land that will make you rich. It’s web sites. Indeed, create the perfect site and you could find yourself bathing in money. The secret to it is to understand what the people like and to be able to provide it with good consistency and outstanding accuracy. And to do this, you need a reliable web host. To determine whether a web host is good or not, you must take note of these services:


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Hackers – we’ve all heard of them. But the true reach of a hacker’s actions can only be understood when you are attacked by them personally. With just one powerful attack, you could see your life’s work dwindling down the drain. So, to protect yourself against those hackers, your web hosting service must have a good firewall set up.

Website Back up

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When the hackers do enter and break into the web hosts protections, however, they have to have some back-up plans. They can’t let down all their patrons because they couldn’t stand back up when they were attacked. Reliable web hosting services have to give daily website back up where all their client’s files and data are stored in separate back up servers to ensure that, should the need arise, they can still put everything back where it was.

More than 99% Uptime Guarantee

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A good web host must always be reliable. There should be no downtimes that last for days on end. In fact, there has to be an uptime guarantee of more than 99.9%. Remember, if you are going to conduct business through your website, then you can’t upset your customers by being unavailable. And your website’s availability will depend entirely on your web host. You can’t have it breaking down in the worst moments. So there must be some kind of guarantee.

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