How To Buy A Domain Name And Web Site Hosting

How To Buy A Domain Name And Web Site Hosting

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Domain hosting is a ISP that will register a internet name for you until you are prepared to establish your website on the World Wide Web. A domain name is the identifier or web address that explains where your site is located. It is the email address that the user will enter into their web browser to find your website.

It is important that you insure your domain name is not already in use prior to trying to purchase it. To do so, you will need to access a domain directory online and enter your chosen name; it will provide the results of the search and let you know if that domain name is available.

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It is imperative that you do not pick a domain name that uses any type of trademarked phrase or name as you could lose the name to the company that holds the original trademark and be out the money you spent to register the domain name. A domain web hosting company will register your domain name and hold it for you to insure that no one else can use this name while you are busy working on building your website.

You have the Name, Now You Need an Address

If you are seeking to register a domain name and establish a web page at the same time, it is possible for the web hosts you are using to register your web page and to register the domain name for you. However, it may be cheaper to locate a domain web hosting company that specifically registers domain names and leave the web host company to establishing your web site.

Exactly How to Buy A Name

There are many domain web hosting companies that register domain names for a reasonable fee. They will also keep track of domain names that are expiring or soon to be available through personal sales and auctions. If you are interested in a name already in use, they can provide you with specific information as to how to purchase just such domain names.

There is also a new service available that deals in after market selling of domain names, which are available for purchase in an auction style format. These types of domain web hosting sites allow for interested buyers to place an offer for a domain name that they want. This type of business is a one-stop shopping center that makes it possible to locate a domain name that is for sale, make an offer on an existing domain name that is currently in use, find a previously registered name and make an offer on it or sell a domain name that you currently own to the highest bidder name

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