What to Look For In A Web Site Host

What to Look For In A Web Site Host

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by Daniel Rodriguez

When it comes to web hosting reviews, one has to be careful in using them to select the perfect web host. Before researching and reading web hosting reviews and trying to find that perfect web host, the first thing an aspiring webmaster should do is consider what type of website he or she would like to create. For those who want to create a web store or social networking site, web hosting needs are going to be a little different than they would be for someone who simply wants to set up a website to share photos with family members or build a destination for lovers of fruit salads.

The question then becomes, how does a new web site developer go about choosing the perfect web host? What features should you look for and which should you simply ignore? Here is a very simple checklist that should aid in your decision making:

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Price: Since you are making a smaller site, you aren’t going to have to worry about paying for a dedicated server. In this case, a lower cost, shared web host will do just fine. They tend to offer less disk space and bandwidth, but that is not a problem for right now. Make sure you chose a host that offers the ability to grow in the future.

Ease of use: Shared hosts often take care of many of the mundane and confusing control panel tasks for you. This is due to the face that many people are sharing the same server so they can’t give any one user too much control over the administration of that server.

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Tools: Even the most basic of sites needs some quality tools. Perhaps you want to put a blog management system, such as wordpress, on your site so you can easily post updates. What about a contact form so users can send you feedback directly? These are all items that come into play when talking about the tools and features of your web host.

Access: You may get a great idea for a new fruit salad recipe while eating lunch in an Internet caf on vacation in France. Can you upload your files and access them from any computer, or do you have to be at home on your own computer to work on your site?

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Support: Make sure your new hosting option offers some form of phone/email support. Even using a simple host and making a simple website can lead to problems every once in a while. Make sure your host is there to help you.

The perfect web site host for the simple web site is fairly easy to find once you know what to look for. Finding the perfect fit for your website is much more about your needs rather than what the host itself. Make sure you ask the right questions, find the price you are willing to pay, sign up and get to making that perfect site!

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