Understanding Fashion And Shopping Online

Understanding Fashion And Shopping Online

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Fashion and shopping are either loved or hated throughout the world, depending on the individual. Thanks to today’s ever-growing technology and the internet, consumers now have a broader range of options when it comes to finding the latest trends, especially those who would rather due without than tackle crowded stores and malls. Purchasing clothes online can be tricky business, especially when it comes to knowing how well things will fit. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to avoid the battle of ill-fitted clothes in the future.

Sizing can vary with any type of clothing, whether we buy online or not. Therefore, it’s important to take measurements of your body in order to make sure you get a close fit, since you can’t easily try clothes on as you would directly in the store, and because there may sometimes be a return shipping fee later if things don’t fit or work out for you in the long run.

You can generally obtain your correct measurements by asking a friend or relative to help you out, using measuring tape, or have a professional tailor or seamstress help you. There are also inexpensive measuring tapes that are designed specifically to measure body size, and many of them are made so that it’s easy to do even on your own and to do so as accurately as possible. Common areas that you may want to measure their shoulders, bust, waist, hips, inseam, from neckline to hem or waist, and sleeve length. You can find numerous tutorials on how to do this properly online, as well as for knowing how to size vintage-type clothing or international sizing, if need be.

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Many clothing sites will have measurements to go by, or at least a sizing chart that will be relatively accurate for a particular brand or type of clothing. It’s also important to make sure that you are also aware of the proper color and styling that will complement both you and your figure. With shapes and styles, try to get an understanding for your body shape and research what types of styles that work well with it and which ones don’t. For example, if you tend to be broad-shouldered or have a large bust size, it’s often good to avoid high-collared shirt, but rather go for v-necks or low-scooped necklines.

Knowing your right color palette is also important when it comes to getting clothes that will both complement your figure and your overall appearance. There are typically four different categories in a seasonal palette, which play off a person’s skin tone. These categories are known as spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring and autumn generally are colors that suit a person who has warm, yellow undertones to their skin, while winter and summer colors suit someone with cool or blue undertones.

To get a feel for what your undertones are and your overall color palette, standing in front of a mirror that has plenty of natural light or sunlight, making sure to avoid harsh florescent lighting. Hold an ivory or off-white piece of fabric paper up to your face, then do the same with a pure-white piece to see which one brightens your complexion and eyes. It may help to also wear a shirt in the same hues to avoid confusion, or simply just the shirt.

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If you do well with off-white or ivory, then you are either a warm-toned spring or an autumn and yellow-hued colors will flatter you best. If you did well with white, then you are either a cool-toned summer or winter, and would do well with jewel tones and bright colors with red and blues in them. You can check online to determine which palettes fit which season and check to see which of the two similar tonal season match you best.

While you’re shopping for clothes, regardless of which site you opt to go with or prefer, it’s always a good idea to read fashion and shopping reviews that are left by customers who have previously tried the item. This is a great way to see how they felt about the product and it gives you a head’s up on what to expect when it comes to the actual color, fit and quality, which can sometimes be off when viewed through a monitor screen or with descriptions.

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