Natural Remedies Are Best For Menopausal Symptoms

Natural Remedies Are Best For Menopausal Symptoms

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You laugh at all the jokes about old women. But when it is your time to be in their shoes, suddenly those jokes are not funny anymore. For many women like you, menopause is just around the corner. And the list of problems that you will encounter is anything but short. Think anxiety, nervousness, emotional unpredictability, muscle cramps, hot flashes, the list just goes on and on. But before you think that all these menopausal symptoms are just imaginary, you need to take a look at how the quality of life for so many women have been exposed to real health hazards. It should not surprise you then that for many, finding the solution or the way to escape the perils of menopause has become a preoccupation.

In its early days, hormone replacement therapy or HRT has been viewed as the most promising way of dealing with the many symptoms of menopause. However, many women today have known about the risks that HRT can bring, such as cancer and heart ailments. In view of these dangers, there has been a growing trend towards choosing natural means of suppressing menopausal syndrome. Finding the right natural remedy to treat the symptoms of menopause is never easy. Actually, it can be downright confusing and frustrating for some. And the group of women and medical experts who are skeptical about natural remedies are making things more complicated by sowing seeds of doubt among sufferers of menopause. At any rate, no one can blame those who are critical about natural menopause treatment because, really, there are products out there that are supposedly made from natural ingredients but offer nothing more than empty promises.

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Before you begin choosing any natural means of managing menopausal symptoms, you must know what causes all these problems. The word is estrogen; the depletion of estrogen levels in your body is basically the fuse at which all the symptoms you are having are set off. You must bring back the balance of estrogen hormones in your body if you want to make your life easy during your menopausal stage. This is where certain plants can come in handy. There are some plants that can induce your body to produce hormones which can include estrogen; while other plants can provide you with a sort of estrogen-in-a-can because they contain substances that are similar to estrogen hormones. Overall, there are countless plants that contain hormone-inducing substances; however, only a few can be beneficial for your endocrine system-that part which produces all your hormones.

Among these hormone plants, maca or Lepidium meyenii shows the most assuring characteristics against menopausal syndrome. Maca is native to that part of the Andes mountain range located in Peru and Bolivia. This plant has been used as a traditional medicinal herb and vegetable since the time of the Incas. Today, maca is a primary ingredient in most natural anti-menopausal syndrome treatment. This plant has been found to encourage your endocrine system to create your body’s much needed hormones, which include estrogen; hence, it has been a popular option for women who do not want to have hormone replacement therapy.

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Proofs of maca’s curative characteristics against menopausal symptoms are widespread among the women of Peru who do not suffer from symptoms like hot flashes, memory lapses or low stamina during their menopausal stage. For over a thousand years since the time of the Incas, women in Peru have consumed maca from as early as their third birthday to protect them from menopausal syndrome later in life.

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