The Advantages Of Having A Wedding Planner

The Advantages Of Having A Wedding Planner

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If you’ve got a wedding coming up in your future, you are probably very excited, and also very stressed.

Many brides crack under the stress and go Bridezilla. If you think about it, they are in way over their heads. Most have little to no event planning experience, and yet they expect to be able to plan a large event that is important to them. Avoid that stressful scenario, get some help with your wedding.

A wedding is only one day (and you’ll probably only have one wedding). It’s only one chance for the perfect day so getting help to make it perfect is smart.

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You aren’t a pro! You wouldn’t expect to be asked to suddenly jump in to pitch at a major league ballgame. Can you imagine? You’d be in way over your head, because you aren’t a professional baseball player! Think of your wedding this same way. Anything over 50 people qualifies as a large event. Consult a professional for the best results.

Do you really want to be preparing for a new life with your husband simultaneously while trying to turn yourself into an event planner all for one day’s worth of event? It doesn’t make sense! Get help with the preparation and planning. This is smart, not weak. But be careful who you enlist to help:

Family Member You’ll likely have no shortage of people coming forward to offer to help, or even run the show. Generally this is not advisable. It’s better to keep it so that your family and friends can celebrate with you rather than expecting them to do the work related to your big day.

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Mothers of brides and grooms often are excited about being able to do the planning. It can be hard to tell them no, but really you don’t want them to do this.

If your mother or future mother-in-law plans your wedding, the event will probably just be a shadow of her own. Either she will reproduce the wedding she had back when, or she’ll do up your wedding as she wishes she had been able to do her own if her own wedding was disappointing. Either way, you’ll be giving up nearly all control, and may not get a wedding that suits your desires or personality.

Professional Wedding Planner This is the right way to go for your big day. A professional planner will focus on your needs, has no personal agenda, and has experience planning weddings.

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