Cosmetic Tips For Travel

Cosmetic Tips For Travel

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When the winter weather gets you down it is time for a vacation. Often the holidays, and all that extra family time, starts to stress people. There is no better time to take a nice vacation somewhere warm.

Everyone wants to look their best while traveling, but this may not be easily accomplished because of all of the strict rules that are now being enforced at all of the airlines.

Have no fear! We have suggested some simple travel beauty tips for your next vacation.

Pack only a few items that are small in size.

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Airport rules dictate that you may bring one carry-on item onto the plane, in addition to one large freezer bag to hold your liquid items. Be warned – you cannot bring your big bottle of salon-grade hairspray in your freezer bag – the airline only allows you to carry liquid containers less than 3.4 ounces or less.

If you decide to bring anything larger than that, you’ll be expected to pack it with your luggage, and we all know what that means: You will not be able to freshen up your hair or makeup until you (with any luck) claim your baggage. Preface

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You may want to consider storing your solid cosmetics in your handbag. For example, items such as lipstick, powder, eyeshadow and blush will suit this purpose. Many brands sell travel-sized bottles of liquid foundation and cologne, but for the consideration of the other travelers, wait until you land to freshen up your perfume.

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Do not overdo your makeup.

Traveling is one of those rare times that no one expects you to be looking your best. All you really need to wear on the plane are the very basics. You should also try to keep your hair as hassle free as possible. Curls or teased styles may not hold up. Hair has a tendency to do strange things when you are in the thinner atmosphere. You could try wrapping your hair up with a scarf or just leave it undone.

Airlines will allow you to break the liquid rule only if you have a valid medical reason to do so, and since no one ever died from not being able to apply their foundation, your best choice is to be patient. You can still dress up your look with a fabulous pair of sunglasses or some bright jewelry. You’ll be arriving at your destination soon… and, by following these simple tips, will still look gorgeous doing it.

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