Most Effective Way To Induce Labor At Home

Most Effective Way To Induce Labor At Home

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There are several ways to induce labor at home. A lot of women are interested in these methods because they want a way that they can bring on their own labor naturally. Even though there are quite a few methods to choose from, which is the best? We will look into some of the methods that supposed to help women go into labor the natural way.

* Walking

* Sex

* Herbs and Oils

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* Nipple Stimulation

* Consuming Spicy Foods

* Taking Bumpy Car Rides

* Maternity Acupressure

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Above are the most commonly known methods to induce labor naturally. Some have been used by quite a few women with little success. Then there are some methods among those that present dangerous risks which some are not aware of. Let’s begin with walking. Walking is a natural way to induce labor and is considered safe as long as it is not overdone. The only bad point is that it is not always effective. This is the same with taking bumpy car rides.

One highly recommended way to naturally induce labor is having sex. Having sex is natural and it can help to start labor but many women in their last stages of pregnancy do not feel like having sex. Using Castor oil and herbs such as Blue & Black cohosh are often suggested to pregnant women as a way to help induce labor but taking these oils and herbs presents some risks and often common with side effects that most pregnant women wouldn’t want to experience.

Nipple stimulation doesn’t really present any major concerns other than the chance that you can overstimulate the nipples causing strong contractions which can be an issue. Even though this method has little concerns, a lot of women have reported that it had no effect in bringing on their labor. Think eating spicy foods might help to induce labor? It might for a small amount of women but research doesn’t confirm that it helps to induce labor and as a matter of fact, some research says that consuming spicy foods might be counterproductive in labor.

Finally we come to maternity acupressure. This particular method is proven to be effective at inducing labor. It’s natural and doesn’t present any risks. It can also ease labor pains and a lot more. Maternity acupressure seems like the best option at this point and it is. Out of all the methods to induce labor at home, maternity acupressure is the only one that is proven to be highly effective, safe, and natural. So if you want to induce your own labor naturally with success and have a safer, easier, shorter birth, maternity acupressure is the way to go.

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