Removing Darkened Age Spots

Removing Darkened Age Spots

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Funny things happen to our skin as we go through life. When we are young, we get acne, as we grow older we get wrinkles. Somewhere in between, patches of our skin decide to change colour.

Dark spots, also known as age spots, liver spots or sun spots, often look like oversized freckles. They are usually not a health concern, it’s simply a patch of skin that produced more pigment than the rest. Sometimes this is brought on by the sun or other exposures to pollutants. For the most part, it’s just nature taking its course.

There are many products claiming they can reduce the looks of darkened age spots on your skin. Some of them work, some are just hype. What should you look for if you want to fade darkened areas?

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Alpha Hydroxyl Acids will be listed on a label as AHA, and this is the key ingredient required for removing dark spots. AHA consists of a group of natural acids the we find in various foods and plants. These acids work as a natural skin peel, and can be quite strong.

Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, when applied directly to the skin, erodes the uppermost layer of the skin. Used continually, it continues to remove the darkened skin, until fresh and light new skin emerges. Generally speaking AHA is a bleaching solution for dark spots.

The strength of the AHA you find in products on your local beauty shop shelves is much lower than you would get from a doctor or dermatologist. That doesn’t mean these lotions are too weak to be effective. Depending on your own skin and its condition, these lotions and serums will work quite well.

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However, if you find these products are largely having no impact on your skin, ask your doctor for a prescription of a more concentrated and stronger level of AHA. Remember, this is a bleaching agent, so take caution to only use it on affected areas and be sure to thoroughly clean hands after applying.

While there is no cure for getting older, we can at least have a younger look. Using AHA to remove age spots will leave your skin looking as young as you feel!

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