Know Why To Choose Live Music For Your Special Event

Know Why To Choose Live Music For Your Special Event

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Since the advent of DJ’s and their sound mixes, they have pretty much taken over the entertainment market. Well so many people think. It’s alright to have one person playing the songs all night, if you want people to dance the night away. But, if for instance you have a wedding to plan or a special birthday party to arrange, then you need to consider live music at your event.

We always want music at our functions because it sets the tone for the day or evening and puts guests into a relaxed state of mind. This is really important, as you want them to have a good time. So getting a live band to entertain and help make it a success, you need to know what to look out for.

Firstly you need to find out if the venue you chose will allow for live music to be played. Will it be alright to set up a stage with lighting and sound equipment? Many wedding venues won’t have any problems with this, but just make sure to be safe.

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Depending on the genre of music you want, there are plenty of live bands that will accommodate your choice in music. But if you are really into jazz, then don’t hire a pop group who are going to struggle with some of the numbers you want them to perform. So use your discretion carefully and make sure that the band is versatile enough to accommodate even the youngsters.

Soon a great rapport has been established with the band, the energy in the room starts to take on a life of it’s own and this is where their music can be modified to suit the crowd. Whether it’s a slow tempo for a romantic love song, or a fast beat for teenagers, a skilled band should be able to produce it.

It is also important for you to choose a band who don’t have their own agenda by playing only their style of music when given the chance. You don’t want your guests to feel they must leave the p[arty because of rap or hip hop music being played and no one can understand it. So set the boundaries and request that certain music not be played at all. If you have a mature enough band, then they will know how to handle the evening, without you worrying about it much.

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Now that you have a short list, you need to negotiate their fee, but only once you have listened to their music by either CD, DVD or where they are actually performing at present. Take note how they interact with their audience and if their music and vocals are good to listen to for a few hours.

If your event is a wedding, then it is important that the band members be dressed appropriately. It is not acceptable for them to be on stage with denim and t-shirts looking like they just woke up. It is good to have them dress smart casual and if there is a female vocalists, she should not be under-dressed as to stage up the bride.

In conclusion, to have live music at your event, will only add to your success. They create fantastic ambiance and will instantly get your guests enjoying themselves, making it a day to remember.

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