Hemorrhoid Cures – Homeopathic Treatments From Home

Hemorrhoid Cures – Homeopathic Treatments From Home

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Ayurveda is an ancient medicine system that utilizes natural methods in healing certain health conditions and diseases. For example, ayurvedic hemorrhoid cures can be used as an effective way to treat individuals who are suffering from hemorrhoids. Since the manner only uses dietary treatments and natural herbs to fight to condition, it is considered more efficient, safer and a lot less costly compared to other treatments.

If you are a sufferer of this and you wish to learn about some Ayurvedic remedies that may prove to be a lot simpler and less costly than traditional medication, read on and learn about them.

It is important to note that any ayurvedic hemorrhoid cure will provide two kinds of treatments – one is to prevent constipation (the main cause of hemorrhoids) and the second is to eliminate the discomfort by treating the symptoms.

In order to decrease the risk of having constipation, it is recommended to use fennel and cumin. It is also best to boost your consumption of ghee, buttermilk and green and leafy vegetables. Once your constipation is alleviated, you can now focus on lessening the discomfort and pain caused by hemorrhoids.

The common ayurvedic remedies for the hemorrhoids themselves are the application of sesame oil or sandalwood. However, this treatment is only useful if the hemorrhoids are external.

For internal hemorrhoids Ayurvedic medications are taken. A common remedy is to drink warm milk mixed with ghee each night before retiring. The effect is to sooth the intestines and make ones bowel movements far easier.

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Other natural treatments you may try are:

1. Buttermilk with rock salt.

2. Digesting a concoction of sugar cardamoms, raw bael fruit pulp and black peppers.

3. Flaxseed mixed with warn milk

A key part of ayurvedic cures for hemorrhoids also cover dietary treatments. Since hemorrhoids are often caused by low digestive strength or ability, a certain diet ought to be followed to prevent it. If one has the condition by now, following a proper diet guideline could help alleviate the symptoms.

The following are the basic rules to follow:

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1. Eating foods which are difficult to digest should be restricted from the menu. This will contain foods such as red meat, rich deserts and oily Western style foods.

2. Eat green leafy vegetables as well as whole grains. They are rich in fiber and promote easy digestion and bowel movement.

3. Foods such as bitter and astringent fruits and vegetables are very beneficial to the diet and in the prevention and cure of hemorrhoids

4. Boost your intake of Yam, okra, spinach, radish and carrots in your everyday menu.

These are some of the most useful ayurvedic hemorrhoid cures. They are natural and in general safe so you won’t have to fear any damaging side effects that may go with them.

As with everything medical conditions though, it is advised that you seek medical assistance ahead of undertaking any type of treatment. Your doctor may also be able to give you extra help in the best manner to treat your condition using an ayurvedic hemorrhoid cure.

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