Signs of Pregnancy

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Symptoms of pregnancy may differ from woman to woman. It may even vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Even though that may be the case, the most reliable symptom of pregnancy is a missing period or menstrual cycle. Having a good understanding of the symptoms of pregnancy is important simply because some symptoms may be unrelated to the pregnancy. These symptoms may indicate a different medical condition exists.

Many women begin feeling the symptoms of pregnancy within just a single week of conception. For other women, it may take two, or even five weeks before they begin to feel different. For some women, they may not feel symptoms at all.

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Symptoms of Pregnancy

If you have recently been sexually active, there is the possibility that you are pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms generally present very early on and the most common sign, aside from a missed menstrual cycle is fatigue. Tiredness is an early pregnancy symptom that can occur as early as a week after becoming pregnant. Generally, the symptoms are an overall feeling of being run down and just physically tired all the time.

Some symptoms include swollen and tender breasts which usually are found after two or three weeks of becoming pregnant. Often the womans breasts feel tender and sore, and may also feel or appear swollen.

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Early Signs of Pregnancy

Between two and eight weeks, for many women morning sickness sets in. This unpleasant symptom of pregnancy entails a relatively constant state of nausea. Although it is called morning sickness, the actual symptoms may be present at any time, or all of the time during this period of pregnancy.

Other pregnancy symptoms present at later stages during the pregnancy, and are to be expected. Depending on the woman, these symptoms may be severe or very light, but may include: backache, food cravings, headaches, frequent urination, and darkening of the areola.

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Calendar for Pregnancy

Aside from the symptoms of pregnancy, a pregnancy calendar may be a useful way to track your pregnancy week by week. Your baby will grow on a daily basis, and a week by week approach may help to both manage the changes, as well as enhance the experience of pregnancy.

For many women, using a pregnancy calendar helps to keep the experience in perspective. Depending on your disposition, there are many types of pregnancy calendars to choose from. Instead of actual calendaring, many women also find it useful to reference a book such as what to expect when expecting and the week by week descriptions to help the monitor their pregnancy and how their body is changing.

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