Help Your Immune System

Help Your Immune System

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People get sick throughout the year however the winter time seems like a really difficult time of year for the immune system. It’s not like the name “flu season” wasn’t assigned to wintertime for a reason. Cooler weather and more serious weather conditions have all the makings for weakening the immune system. It’s hard to fight off the flu when you are fighting to stay warm. It is really hard to keep the colds away when you’re stuck inside of a stuffy house or work space all day and don’t have access to fresh air. Cold and flu bacterias seem to multiply a lot faster in a home that has closed windows all day. Here are a handful of things that you can do to help out your immune system.

Regular exercise is important. Regular exercise makes you sweat and boosts your endorphins. Regular exercise helps you stay physically fit while retaining your weight and it strengthens your immune system at the same time. The endorphins that will rise through your whole body don’t just help keep your feelings elevated during the cold and dark months of winter. They help the immune system remain vitalized and that makes it easier to keep infections from setting in. Studies point out that getting five days of exercise every week can lower the number of sick days you take from work by just about half.

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Go get yourself a massage. There are lots of reasons to pamper yourself and treat yourself to a “spa day.” In particular, Swedish rubs have demostrated to be helpful in preventing colds and flues. Massages can help raise your blood circulation and will stimulate the cells that are most appropriate in keeping cold and flu germs from infecting the body. That kind of massage may also allow you to relax. Lots of things are easier once you aren’t bogged down with pressure.

During “flu season” you may be tempted to lock yourself off from the world. After all, the less social interaction you will have, the less likely you will be to come into contact with flu and cold germs right? Technically that is certainly accurate. It is also correct that you’ll require social interaction with all your friends to keep your mood elevated. We aren’t confident why but the body is a lot more powerful when you are happy. Afternoons of laughter, friendship and fun are generally necessary for ones wellness! Your buddies should not be averted. There are a lot of different things that can be done to protect against the different types of germs that you come into contact with but there isn’t anything that will replicate the effect that having fun with friends has on the body.

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Fighting off health problems throughout the winter shouldn’t be hard. In fact, the same things you may think increases your chances of illness will be the same stuff that keeps those illnesses away! Obviously, before you get all gung ho and look at something new, you need to talk to your doctor. Your health care provider might have some unexpected advice for helping you fight off the flu during “flu season.”

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