Routines That Effectively Lead To Weight Reduction

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Do you get discouraged every time you get on the scale? Do you feel stuck in a weight loss rut? If yes, it could be your approach and weight loss habits. I am going to give you a couple tips that will aid in the loss of that weight you just can’t seem to get off, it will help!

1. Drink plenty of water

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People don’t realize the seriousness of this. Our body is made up of water, therefore if we do not replenish it with water we will retain the water we have. Which could be, up to 3-8 pounds? That is a lot of weight when you are trying to drop pounds.

So do your body and your scale a favor, and drink that water! A great way to tell you are drinking enough is to drink half your body weight in ounces (So a 120 lb woman would drink 60 ounces) or make sure your urine is clear.

2. Do not starve, it harms!

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Even if you go without from eating, eventually it will catch up to you. So starving yourself is pointless. If you starve yourself then your body will go into emergency mode and hold on to the calories and nutrition. By starving yourself you are creating an unneeded battle with your body.

3. Eating big meals keeps you less hungry longer

Many people assume that if you eat less frequently it will help the weight loss process but it actually embeds it. Even though you are eating fewer meals, they are too big of a meal that the body takes so much longer to digest due to a slower metabolism. Do your body a favor and give it 4-5 SMALL meals a day, your digestion will be better and it will help you lose weight.

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When you eat, it burns fat. So if you eat smaller meals but more frequently, you have more fat burning sessions, your body will thank you! Quicker meals create a faster metabolism which means digestion does not take so long. This entire process is beneficial in trying to lose weight, fast metabolism is key!

If you take my advice and remember these three tips, your weight toss journey should be a lot easier.

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