Begin your Mental Workout Today.

Begin your Mental Workout Today.

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It is rather surprising how although the brain is arguably the most important organ in the body, most may sympathize with the heart, but clearly some seem to live and get by just fine without a heart but I digress, not more emphasis is placed on mental health. However the heart is an organ that can be replaced like kidneys and colons. The brain however is irreplaceable, it is the control center that commands it all, automatically regulates the heartbeat, controls the central nervous systems that keeps us safe and so on.

So why do so few of us actually do a mental workout? That should have been the most important topic to learn in school, I guess the curriculum folks missed the boat on that one. After all a significant amount of Americans go through extraordinary sacrifices to keep in top physical shape. Why not work out the most important organ in the body? Interestingly enough it is what controls all your eating habits, your mood, emotions etc.

The brain is a powerful machine that transmits millions of messages to the entire body in a matter of seconds. The brain itself amazingly contains over 100 billion neurons, imagine the infinite possibilities to achieve your full potential. Given that the brain controls most bodily aspects of our entire life, it’s surprising only now are more resources allocated towards brain study. A highly functioning brain could well be your best friend.

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The brain must be exercised most importantly of all the organs. If you feel under pressure from stress related duties, it is even more important to exercise your brain daily. It can be as little as waking up earlier than usual and taking a more scenic route to work, or start off with a different radio station in the morning or different genre of music.

One could easily begin a daily mental workout routine by just listening to classical music. There can be no other signs of real baby genius than that of Mozart. His father was also a successful composer, so we can picture a baby Mozart receiving all those magical sound waves through his mom’s belly that gave him such a significant advantage in his early days. Could you imagine what his kindergarten teacher had to deal with. Giving other kids their ABC’s and Mozart is working on concerto in D major. So until I see another case of early superb genius from other genre of music, I would highly recommend classical music as the best. Studies prove that listening to Mozart can increase your IQ, boost your creativity and lower anxiety.

When we learn or do something new, we expand our brain, we build new connections and perhaps discover new ways of evaluating problems, new ways of considering things. Win the battle over fear, accept it, take it on, challenge it and learn to handle it. The universe is expanding, be open to expanding your mind alongside it. Later when you look back, you will be surprised about what took you so long.

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The brain is a complex organ, but one must treat it like a muscle in the body that can be worked out daily. However you wouldn’t just head to the gym and start lifting heavy weights straight away, one would gradually build enough strength to progress after time. The same case applies here, you want to warm up your brain and gradually grow in confidence as you begin to discover the huge potential possible.

Even if you think you already give your brain a fairly rigorous workout through your occupation, the fact remains that the brain is so complex even though it may seem to you to you are working the mind constantly, you may not be building new and different connections on a continuous basis. It’s as if you always drove to work the same way every time using the same exact route. The brain gets used to the process and ceases to be as stimulated. let’s be honest, most working people whether they are at the penthouse office or mail room, tend to perform the same work duties daily.

Begin now on yourDaily Mental Workout, Henry Okwo a serial entrepreneur will help in yourPersonal Development to hit your goals.

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