Green Vaginal Discharge

Green Vaginal Discharge

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Green vaginal discharge facts

Green vaginal discharge is abnormal, and could be a cause for concern or worry. This green discharge is an indication of a pretty big problem, but the better news is that the problem can be treated quickly and easily so long as you catch it early.


The reason behind green vaginal discharge is generally a sort of sexually-transmitted infection called trichomoniasis. TRICH is spread through having sex with an infected person. It can happen in both ladies and men, but ladies are those who most frequently exhibit symptoms. Both partners must be treated as soon as possible to avoid spreading the infection. As with any sexually communicated disease, safe sex will scale back the risks.

Symptoms of trichomoniasis

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As well as a green vaginal discharge, trichomoniasis features a few symptoms that are common with any infection. A nasty vaginal odour might be noted. The odour will be worse after sex. Girls could also experience soreness, itching and burning, but irritation symptoms like this are not an obligation to make a diagnosis. As i said men may not have any symptoms at all but still require treating. Ladies who’ve been infected by trichomoniasis typically exhibit symptoms with five to 28 days.

More about Green Vaginal discharge

obviously a green vaginal discharge is not the only color discharge that may occur. You could also geta yellow discharge, grayish or any mixture. It regularly takes on a frothy or bubbling texture. The poor odour linked with trichomoniasis comes from the discharge itself.

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Luckily , treatment for trichomoniasis is easy. This infection is basically the commonest curable STI found in sexually active younger ladies. Treatment is composed of a single dose of prescription medication that kills the parasite. One type of this medication can safely be utilised by expectant moms. It is possible to be reinfected even if medicine is taken, so get in to good habits after taking medication


Using a condom will ofcorse help forestall STD’s, refraining from sex, or only being intimate with a long term, uninfected partner. Safe sexual practices have other benefits for your vaginal health besides just preventing STIs. Bacterial vaginosis, another kind of infection, isn’t an STI but is less certain to happen in women who don’t engage in dangerous sexual activity. Diverse types of vaginal irritation are also less common when safe sex is practiced constantly.

If you want help with diagnosis of a green vaginal discharge then ensure you get to your doctor as quickly as practical. In reality if you’ve got any discharge from the vagina get checked out

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