Do People Stare At Your Facial Wart?

Do People Stare At Your Facial Wart?

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History is littered with accounts of women being vilified because they had facial warts. A woman who had growths on her face was commonly thought to be a witch.

There are still negative connotations associated with facial warts today. Our standard of beauty is governed by what we see in films, on television, and by the the beauty and fashion industries. Someone is beautiful if they have smooth skin, clear skin and fine features. If you have a skin defect, it is thought to be ugly.

Notice how Hollywood and television use physical traits to covey good and evil characters. The good characters – the heroes and heroines if you like – will be beautiful. The characters who have evil qualities, or negative traits, are often depicted as having facial moles and warts and other skin blemishes.

According to research, more than 75% of people develop a wart in their lifetime. You can hide warts that appear on many places on your body, but you cant hide a wart that appears on your face. For this reason, facial warts can be particularly upsetting and embarrassing.

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Facial warts are “socially unacceptable”. People stare at them, which makes you wonder what they are thinking about you. They introvert you and make you feel self conscious.

A facial wart is almost impossible to conceal. It cant be covered up with makeup. It can reduce the appearance of an otherwise beautiful woman, so that she looks average or even unattractive.

Suffice it to say that facial warts certainly are not considered to be objects of beauty. You do not want others to think of you as being unattractive and you certainly do not want to think of yourself as being unattractive . Your physical appearance is very important to you.

A facial wart poses no threat to your health… from a medical perspective there is no need to remove it.

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However, because you want to look your best, there is a cosmetic reason to remove them. A wart on your face detracts from your appearance.

It is very expensive to have a doctor remove your wart. Unfortuneately, this is unlikely to be covered by your insurance plan. Because wart removal is not considered to be a threat to your health, most insurance plans do not cover it. It is considered to be a cosmetic procedure.

For this reason, more and more people are removing their own warts….at home. Various methods are being used to remove facial warts.

Safety is the most important factor to consider, when removing a facial wart at home. Some methods are not as safe as other methods. However, there are methods that are perfectly safe and easy to do.

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