A Guide To Marquee Hire Essex

A Guide To Marquee Hire Essex

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If you are in the South of England and planning an outdoors event, a lot of consideration must be paid to the weather. Weather in the UK is not predictable. Do not rely on sunshine for your event to go well. Use a marquee hire Essex firm to ensure your plans go without a hitch.

Event tents provided by the hire firm will ensure that your Essex celebration can go ahead even if it is raining and winds are blowing. There are a variety of companies in the county that can meet whatever requirements you have.

For example, ensure that you have full measurements of the outdoor space available to house the marquee. You do not want to go to a lot of expense to find that, when it is delivered, it does not fit. The size inside the tent is also an important aspect to think about to ensure it fits all your guests.

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If you are having a sit-down dinner style event, a frame canopy where the tent is held up not by poles in the inside like a traditional marquee; but by a metal frame support on the outside. This will maximise the inner space.

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Another option which you may wish to consider is a canopy style tent; which is basically a marquee without sides. This would allow your guests to freely move outside and get some air if they are smokers for example.

It is also important to know your budget, and to look for chances to save money. For example, using the same firm to provide your flooring and tables would cost you less in delivery, and they may give you a discount.

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