Pregnancy Facts That Get Absolutely Perverted

Pregnancy Facts That Get Absolutely Perverted

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There is nearly no area of medication that has been studied for longer or even more deeply than the one to do with pregnancy and childbirth. And yet, there is more legend and disinformation surrounding pregnancy facts than any other area of medication. Let’s do what we will to split reality from fantasy, shall we?

Let’s commence with one of the most enduring pregnancy facts or should we say pseudo-facts out there – that the human kid gestation period lasts nine months. Remember that picture with Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore called Nine Months? It’s that kind of stuff that convince people that the magic number is 9. In some pieces of the Earth, 10 is the magic number. In reality though, the normal gestation period is bang in the middle of those two guesstimates – it’s 38 weeks, or and 9 1/2 months. Doctors don’t help things along either by the way they count gestation from the time a woman has her last period. Girls become fruitful only 2 weeks after their period starts.

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One wonders where folk get these pregnancy facts; there is however a surprisingly enduring myth in existence that says that your chances of ending up being pregnant with a boy or a girl totally depends on when you have sex. According to this particular legend, men are meant to have 2 sorts of sperm – one for boys and one for girls. And girls are meant to be more receptive to boy sperm are and girl sperm at various times of their cycle. There have been a few obscure studies that truly have pointed to how timing might have something to do with what kind of baby you have. Every major and well regarded study though, has found that timing has nada to do with what sort of baby you have.

Old girls have certain solid iron ideas about presaging the sex of a baby that’s shortly to arrive. If for example, if a pregnant lady has a bubble belly, that is intended to predict a little boy. The truth though, as decided by tons of studies, is that there’s just about nothing apart from a sonogram that can predict the sex of a fetus.

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They have studied women’s intuition about what they feel the sex of their baby is, they published this study in the Book of Reproductive Medication, and revealed that that intuition is little better than forecasting. They’ve studied prophecies based totally on the Chinese lunar calendar and found the and there’s zilch to them. Briefly there’s practically nothing to all these beliefs. If you do have to believe strongly in something, inappropriate early morning nausea may be a sign that it’s a girl. But aside from that, it’s the good old sonogram for you.

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Tina Richards has been writing about pregnancy facts and fertility secrets for years and is also married to a doctor of medication.

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