Discover Secrets to Preventing Child Abductions and Molestation

Discover Secrets to Preventing Child Abductions and Molestation

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Every day in America, over 2,000 children are reported missing. If you have a child: There is a 1 in 100 chance your child will become missing this year. Nearly 1 of 8 children are molested by the time they turn 18.

Child abductions many times occur as the child is taking their during their daily walks to and from school. So it’s of extreme importance that the child abduction prevention materials the parent and child study contain this very useful information. Most often it can be the light of day when the child abduction takes place. It can be an extreme and total shock to the family when their child is abducted. In all cases when the child abduction takes place and the family never finds out what happened to their beloved family member, it can be more hurtful than the child’s actual death. Such as the Etan Patz case. Child abduction is an extremely hideous crime. And while the “stranger kidnappings” we hear in the news all the time make us all very frightened, this terrible crime can be carried out by those known to the family.

It’s been confirmed that the US. has over 3 million children and 39 million adults that were molested at some point in their life. And this problem can and must be eliminated. The obstacle we encounter is public education. In California, child molestation charges carry grave consequences both legally as well as socially. They passed a law that allows all citizens the ability to view personal information of all convicted child molesters. This includes their pictures and addresses. This law is known as “Megan’s Law”. Child molestation; Known as aggravated child molestation. After the child molester is convicted of their first offense the judge has the option to probate their sentence; and this probation could include a special stipulation that the child molester undergo mandatory counseling which is provided by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist.

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Child abductions and the sexual molestations that frequent happen soon after are the worst crimes you or I will ever know. Even the most hard core criminals view these slime balls as the total scum of the earth. The victims usually feel the effects of these terrible crimes well into adulthood. It’s highly recommended you regularly sit down with your child and expose this reality to them. They should never trust any adult they come in contact with. And if they ever experience a situation where an adult asks them to do something they don’t want to do or makes them feel uncomfortable, they must say NO! And let you know what happened right away. Child molestation is when there’s sexual contact between an adult and child. Pedophiles are adult creeps that have a sexual attraction with a child but don’t always act on their attraction.

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Child molestation is a crime that used to be hidden in the memories of its victims. Today, people are beginning to see the importance of reporting this crime. This is a crime that is charged more often than most people realize. Even though it is a relatively common criminal offense, is it a very serious charge and those convicted will face harsh penalties. This sick crime is a felony, and many perpetrators receive lengthy prison sentences, even if they have had no problems with the law in the past. Once released, individuals convicted of child molestation are often forced to register as sex offenders.

The abduction and molestation of our nation’s children is a very serious crime that can affect a victim forever. Victims suffer higher rates of school difficulty, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, eating or sleeping disorders, and suicide. The prevention of Child abductions and molestations is an extremely volatile and emotional topic that must be dealt with between parent and child.

Next to a child’s death, child abductions are the most terrible thing you or I will ever know. The good news is there are some very simple ways to prevent this from ever happening in the first place. The prevention of child abductions is a very important subject that should never be brushed over. Yet I am still surprised of the number of national systems that promote their substandard protection systems.

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